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no.4 failure
“Under certain circumstances failing, losing,
forgetting, unmaking, undoing, unbecoming,
not knowing, may in fact offer more creative,
more cooperative, more surprising ways of
being in the world.”
—Jack Halberstam

Failure is a fiction of capitalism. What we deem as successful is drawn from the lines of a rule book created to measure the value of our endeavours against a set of conditions that categorise us into binary oppositions. Who decided the bounds of success? What language are we using to describe each others actions and value in the world? Whose experience isbeing determined within the binaries of right and wrong; good and bad?
with writing from:
babeworld // conor baird // lorie ballage // samet bayat // danja burchard // lisa collette bysheim
// rob carter //kirsty hendry //audrey hurd //pedro riva //dolly sen // aneka sarah vumilia tenga //
grace tabea tenga

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