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no. 3 silence

“the blurring of terms

silence not absence

of words or music or even

raw sounds

Silence can be a plan

rigorously executed

the blueprint to a life

It is a presence

it has a history a form

Do not confuse it

with any kind of absence”

—Adrienne Rich

Silence is often approached as something lacking, as a space without sound. In speaking, silence is often considered to be in opposition to voice — its mute counterpart. In a predominantly western theory of voice where we privilege the voice as the ultimate means to achieve empowerment, how could silence be animated as a space for resistive possibility? How could we learn to read silence in all of its nuance?

with writing from:

amber ablett// hamja ahsan // angelica bollettinari // robin everett //
moa franzén // haruka fukao // dominique hurth // william kudahl
// nayara leite// eliyah mesayer // tominga o’donnell // line rolf //
kirsty russell // sofie hviid vinther // salomé voegelin

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