no. 1 love

Love is an action never simply a feeling.
-Bell Hooks

We live in love, we are surrounded by love, we are bombarded by its signaling: in the movies, on the
television, in the literature, in the poetry, in the gift shops through the endless stream of love songs
playing and playing and playing. Love is an industry, it perpetuates its single voice outward to the
masses: one must love, one must look for the one, one must search and search for love or wait and
wait for love to find them— when the time is right, when you least expect it,  when the stars align.

The commercialisation of love presumes a majoritively hetero-normative and single view of love, a
love that overshadows all the rest— romantic love. The kind of love that sweeps us along in its
narratives; narratives we come to know as truth and come to accept as reality.

What if we could really live in love, live for love, pursue love in all its facets of being and cultivate
love as a practice?

with writing from:

tine adler // linda boļšakova // emil cold // tine gunvaldsen // kim hankyul // henrik koppen //
brandon labelle // laurie lax // myriam mouflih // clara mosconi // eva rowson
//susannah stark // kaeto sweeney // peter voss-knude // emilie wright

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